Back to Work I Go!

That was an unnecessarily long holiday break.

I am back to working on my account and blogging on Tonight I uploaded a few pictures of animals onto my Fine Art America profile and will be uploading previews of these pictures onto on Tuesday.

Tonight I would like to share my New Year Resolutions with you all. I am not usually the type of person to make New Years Resolutions. I usually decide whether or not I am going to do something and then do it right away. However, after reading this blog post , I became motivated to make a New Year Action Plan to my current life resolutions.


-Pray about and actively seek God’s will (I still have no idea what God has in store for my life).

-Read the Bible and pray

-Pray for at least one person other than myself

-Listen to the Thru the Bible study of the day, which can be found at , or via the TTB app

-Eat healthily, no caffeine past 17:00, and get at least 8 hours of sleep every night

-At least 1 of the following: cooking, cleaning, or tidying

Every Other Day

-Read from a book (currently reading More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell)

-On non book days, work


-Memorize a new Scripture and review already memorized Scriptures

-Encourage at least one Christian (I strongly believe that my Spiritual gift is exhortation and I want to use it to the fullest)

-Share at least one Scripture

-Exercise at least 4 days

-Develop better speaking skills and habits (I am quiet and rarely speak, so this is an area that needs a lot of work)

-Learn and practice Spanish (I am planning on going on a Missions trip to Nicaragua this summer)

Personal Development

-Pray and think about important decisions before making them

-Show God’s love to at least one person per outing

-Become a skilled knitter (I already know how to knit stitch, yay!)

-Make time for friends and family


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